Program Management

What We Deliver

  • Concept-to-Implementation project management capabilities,
  • Experienced Project & Cost Management
  • Project / Design Execution Management, Cost Controls – Trend & Status Reporting
  • Scheduling – Proactive management of the appropriate level execution team schedule

We consistently meet our client project success criteria by leveraging best in class specific industry project management work processes. Our personnel resources have diverse industry experiences, such as the IT industry, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, eCommerce, Logistics and Automotive Industry.

At ETAA, we understand each project are unique, so we approach each project with current and applicable project management plan and strategy. We break each project into five primary phases: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Implementation and Monitor and Control and finally project closure. Within each of these phases, we focus on Scope – description of effort and deliverables, Cost – funding strategy, spending curves, future cost projections (trending), and Schedule – duration of expectations including milestone check points.

In conjunction with our experienced Project Managers and Project Specialist , ETAA Procurement & Purchasing professionals helps with the equipment and service bidding process and expediting every order through delivery.

The goal of ETAA program management is to deliver the best value for our clients.

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