Procurement Services

What We Deliver

ETAA procurement offers services across all type of procurement services. Order origination and management within client and or ETAA Purchasing System(s), delivery status reporting, order expediting, Invoice review/reconciliation

ETAA is dedicated to deliver quality and cost-effective procurement execution plan.

We help our clients with great market insights applicable to specific procurement services, including third party services and equipment and other business need:

  1. Preparation of Equipment Purchases including specifications
  2. Preparation of Subcontractor Services Contracts
  3. Requests for Quote and Vendor inquiries
  4. Bid Evaluations and Vendor Recommendations
  5. Purchase Order Issuance and Status reporting
  6. Expediting and Vendor Follow Up
  7. Equipment/ Service Delivery Schedule Control
  8. Shipping and Delivery Confirmation
  9. Purchase Order Closure

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